Does AI give birth to new Technological Era in Mobile Application

Apr 3, 2024

The emergence of artificial intelligence has paved a new era in mobile application development. For quite some time, mobile app developers have made an extensive amount of progress in their innovation through AI.

Take for the example of Apple’s SIRI. It has been used for quite a long period of time, and still, it has the huge potential of transforming the future technological revolution. Even machine learning is developing at a faster rate and users need a flexible algorithm to enhance the experience. Now the advancement and availability of AI and machine learning are building a huge advancement, especially in the way businesses, users and developers appreciate the interactions with mobile apps.

Importance of AI In Mobile Development And Application

Irrespective of where you are in the mobile app development procedures, there is no doubt that AI will play a major role. Just think about the emergence of AI and how it affects the interaction among devices and the possibilities it unlocks.

When used as a business strategy, artificial intelligence has a great advantage. Companies are easily understanding its value, where about 70% of business leaders are well aware of the advantage of AI. Not only its impact is far-reaching, but it is also making progress in machine learning and powerful algorithms. Frankly, it is one of the key aspects of making applications and user-interactions more interesting.

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Mobile Application Development Better?

Bringing Automation

Enhancing User Experience & Engagement

Allowing App Developers To Code With Creatively

Enabling Personalization

Making Business Relevant

Facilitating Natural Language

? Bringing Automation

There is always a major misconception with regard to AI which is that it replaces the requirement of human analysis or design. Frankly, it helps people to make better decisions. All it replaces are things that can be automated.

Automated reasoning can be used for solving various problems. For example, a ridesharing or carpooling app uses automated reasoning. Well, it does it to find out the best routes based on the current data of the area. Here, it does not drive the car of you (well, not yet).

? Enhancing User Experience & Engagement

Unlike other emerging technology trends, AI has become one of the most trusted aides in making users engaged based on their response patterns and behavior. So, when it is put into the action, the mobile app which is infused with AI will be able to extract a lot of user information.

Once the information is extracted, then it will be analyzed for understanding the behavior patterns. And this would be quite valuable in improving the app. In addition, AI can even document the location and transfer the data, thereby providing you a better understanding of the user experience and even improve it.

Now the user experience is even improved to a huge extent through the ability of the AI bots to interact with users especially when there is a problem. Here the bots are doing better compared to the standard customer service. Even it is predicted that about 90% of the customer interactions will be driven by AI by the year 2022.

? Allowing App Developers To Code With Creatively

Artificial intelligence is creating changes and this is based on the foundation of the app. Also, it brings in more creativity while coding. Application developers who are able to understand the method to leverage AI will easily be able to use unique codes, and that too in an adaptable setting. Plus, it will even increase the development time, thereby eliminating the manual and time-consuming practices.

? Enabling Personalization

Do you know personalization is a significant trend in mobile application development? It is important for users to have a unique experience that is simply based on their needs. This is possible due to AI and it boosts user engagement. Most importantly, AI takes personal user experience to a brand new level.

Any individual using an app that is built with artificial intelligence will get a personalized experience with recommendations that are based on past behaviors and various other factors. Now if you are thinking about examples of intelligent apps, some of the major examples are Amazon Go or Starbucks Barista. These kinds of apps pay a great amount of attention to the user’s behavior and anticipate what needs to be done by them, like asking if they like to place the same order that was recently done.

? Making Business Relevant

Apps that run on AI will become the new norm of business. So, it means that your app needs to be in the business of funneling data. Here data is the goldmine for any brand that wants to understand how the apps are used. Now, this goes way beyond the standard algorithms, as they won’t provide any kind of insights related to user experience.

In addition, apps created on AI structure can allow businesses to expand into new products as well as new markets. So, if you have the technology to do this, it is obvious that this is a great investment that will provide a good amount of returns.

? Facilitating Natural Language

Not many people know that mobile applications and computers can communicate ideas. This is a part of the mobile application development, and that too in the basic realm of the customer service reports. The entire process will lead to AI making text from the obtained data. So, if your app wants to talk, just allow them to share what they really know.

Finally, Is AI A New Era In Mobile Application Development?

The significance of artificial intelligence in the app development is really huge. Not only it provides mobile apps with great functionalities but also a personalized experience too. Here the basic truth is that you can easily be above and ahead of the competition using AI-run apps.

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