Discover OneTick

OneTick Technologies Pvt Ltd is a globally recognized IT services provider that assists organizations in re-envisioning and revolutionizing their operations through digital technology transformation. The company offers an array of web services, software services, and mobile applications. Founded in 2014, OneTick is at the forefront of executing crucial IT projects. Since then, we have played a vital role in executing critical IT projects.

  • In our early years, we developed the Timeshare solution, a dedicated software application that facilitates vacation ownership. This innovative solution provides a divided form of ownership or use rights for a property. Over the decades, the ownership of timeshare programs has varied, but our Timeshare solution has consistently delivered value to our customers.
  • We have established partnerships with businesses worldwide to help them bring their web dreams to life. At OneTick, we provide outstanding services related to web designing and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and Android development.
  • OneTick has expanded its services by providing training at different locations and offering services to government organizations such as railways.
  • In 2017, we launched the Garment ERP Solution, an application that targets apparel brand owners, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and apparel buying agencies. This product provides a comprehensive range of fashion and lifestyle apparel and textile products.
  • SAFAL is our latest product, designed to accelerate a spirit of reformation among prisoners in jails across the country. SAFAL is a concept that is discussed in a book written by Mr. Naresh Goel. This innovative product helps achieve the objective of reformation and maintenance of discipline among prisoners with transparency by removing elements of discrimination. It also promotes the spirit of work and learning in prisoners while creating feelings of cleanliness and good habits.

Our Mission

At OneTick, our mission is to help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting solutions and services. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders who work with us. We specialize in delivering high-quality services and achieving our objectives.