Search Engine Optimization Tips to Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

SEO, the oft-used abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, has become a widespread buzzword in today's digital domain. It's a term thrown around by professionals and novices alike, regardless of their level of understanding or expertise in the field.

However, even if you're not an SEO guru, you probably know a thing or two about the art of optimizing websites for search engines.

You conduct Keyword Research. Then you move on to On-Page Optimization ......

Opportunity for AI in the Near Future

Artificial intelligence programming especially deep learning and machine learning was present everywhere in 2018, so you don’t think that this hype will die down over the next coming months or years. Of course, this hype will dry down in two to three years, where artificial intelligence will just become another consistent thread in the tapestry of most people’s lives.

It will be somewhat like the latest trend or technology that a web and Read More

Can Progressive Web Application Development transform your Mobile Experience

What is Progressive web application development? Is it worth your time or money to know more about it?

So, if you are reading this topic or just came across the above doubts in your mind, you might get interested. Chances are there that you are assigned with the task of being abreast of the latest technological advancements that can shape your industry. Some of you might have led your company through a huge digital transformation or project. It could be that you might be thinking of......

5 Reasons to Use Voice Technology for E Commerce Website

As technology progresses, your e-commerce website needs to keep up. Following all the new technology trends can be exhausting, but you need to be aware that innovation brings sales. The more advanced your website is, the better your results will be. The key is to know which innovations are worth your attention and which are just a waste of time and money. Voice technology is definitely an upgrade that can improve your business.

 Just consider that Gartner fo......

Blockchain and Supply Chain Best Match Ever

The Blockchain technology is fast becoming indispensable in sectors like banking & finance and other business organizations worldwide. It even has the capability to transform procuring as well as the supply chain making it the greatest invention after the internet. The blockchain technology will be able to ensure a greater and efficient supply chain by tracking inventory and making payments. In fact, Blockchain has been awarded as one of the ‘Top Ten Emerging Technologies’ by ......

Benefits of AI in healthcare industry

Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector provides a great new transformational force that will bring about improvements for diverse clinical specialties as well as hospital operations. Some major changes are certainly required in the healthcare industry as there are innumerable opportunities for leveraging technology for deploying effective and precise interventions for patient care at the correct time. It may be chronic diseases, cancer, radiology or other emerging and rapidly spread......

AI Changing Dynamics Of Banking Sector

Nowadays, it hardly seems a day or week goes by without taking the name of a company that joins the rank of organizations using their own virtual assistants. From news agencies to normal stores, each is getting driven by some kind of artificial intelligence. So, it is not surprising to see the baking sector whose traditional call centers are getting replaced by AI assistants.

AI Fundamentally New To Banking Sector

Despite the obviousness of the trend, the ......

Are Emerging IoT Ideas Reshaping Our Future Lives

Compared to the Industrial Revolution and other technology trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) is of similar nature. But these so-called IoT solutions are still in the budding stage. We still are not sure and really want to see what this technology can do for us. Of course, you all know that the Internet of things is all about the collection of dumb objects. And these are connected with each other and send signals to each other along with getting alerts on our smartphones.


Does AI give birth to new Technological Era in Mobile Application

The emergence of artificial intelligence has paved a new era in mobile application development. For quite some time, mobile app developers have made an extensive amount of progress in their innovation through AI.

Take for the example of Apple’s SIRI. It has been used for quite a long period of time, and still, it has the huge potential of transforming the future technological revolution. Even machine learning is developing at a faster rate and users need a flexible algori......

Mobile App Development 4 Tips to Consider

Mobile apps have rapidly become our personal assistants, organization tools, motivation gurus, and so much more. The popularity of mobile apps is what drives app developers and innovators to create new, useful apps for users to enjoy. All in all, this is the golden time for mobile application development.

Tips to Consider While Developing A Mobile App

If you decide to develop an app, what you need to be aware of is that there is so much you need to invest ......

10 Latest Web Development Trends for 2020

The evolution of technology is growing at a rapid pace year by year. The future could be unpredictable, but digital advancement continues to reshape our world and has now even started to influence our decisions. Earlier, websites that contained only plain texts now have bots that can talk to you just like another human who can actually guess what exactly is in your mind. All these changes are highly indebted to the continuously evolving web development trends. With the lightning speed of tech......

Boosting Your Business With An e commerce App Is It That Simple

It is not new to see every day new players jumping into the e-commerce arena. All with the hope of making it big. Frankly, you cannot blame online startup stores and business to deploy the services of an E-commerce web development agency. The presence of challenging situations is what motivates online stores to go for innovative techniques and the best E-commerce application development solutions. All because they want to improve their sales and customer interaction.

In such a ......

IoT The Best Option In Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are omnipresent. No, it is not a joke or statement, but a mere fact. For everything, there is always an app available. If you don’t believe, then check out the Apple or Android store and you will come across thousands of apps that provide a wide range of purposes. So, whether it is to order food, book a cab or purchase any cloth or even make a payment, it is all done through mobile apps.

Mobile Apps, Organizations & IoT

In today&rsq......

What is Google Data Studio Best Digital Marketing Tool

Google Data Studio is a perception and describing platform helping digital marketers to convert data into presentable reports for easy analysis, cooperation and reporting. The biggest merit of Google Data Studio is the ability to connect several data sources like AdWords, Search Console and Analytics making them meaningful and easy to comprehend for your own use or for clients.
The greatest challenge for any digital marketing platform is to prepare reports for clients in a concise and ......

Role of Blockchain Technology in Education

Currently, it is a known factor that Bitcoin has become a well-known virtual currency in the world. One time, its value was more than $19,000 per coin. But it does have a huge legacy and moreover, it does not have to do with its value. Its value, as well as advantage, lie in the type of network and the blockchain development technology it uses.

Blockchain Fame – Gaining Popularity Among All Sectors

Over the past few years, blockchain technologies hav......

Best 5 latest Information Technology trends in 2020

The future is always exciting and with regard to technology that is accelerating at a tremendous growth rate, there is no doubt that the universal digital transformation concept will be a reality. Well, the clear proof is the powerful business leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook who ventured courageously in leveraging various latest technology trends like Big Data, blockchain development, AI (Artificial Intelligence) for enhancing the user experience.

How to Choose a Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Brand

Digital marketing in today’s world can help to develop your brand and business along with generating increased revenue. If you want to work with a digital agency that will help to enhance your brand reputation and boost your online presence, you should make sure that you are partnering with the right agency who will work in accordance with your requirements, budget and your already existent marketing plans.
It has become necessary to hire a digital marketing agency or a social me......

Are Emerging IoT Ideas Reshaping Our Future Lives

Compared to the Industrial Revolution and other technology trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) is of similar nature. But these so-called IoT solutions are still in the budding stage. We still are not sure and really want to see what this technology can do for us. Of course, you all know that the Internet of things is all about the collection of dumb objects. And these are connected with each other and send signals to each other along with getting alerts on our smartphones.


3 Ways how IoT can fuel the growth of your Business

Nowadays every aspect of our lives creates data. Take the smartwatches. They track each step that we take and senses each beat of our heart. Even the smartphone that we have in our pocket will find out our location in an instance. Not only that, it will even track down our hobbies, the frequent places we go for holidaying and what we often end up purchasing.

Here, some of these insights will benefit the customer and some will even benefit the product developer too. So, it is not sur......

How Artificial Intelligence AI is Helping to Make Blockchain Safer

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are two industries that often exhibit similar characteristics and draw interest from like-minded individuals. Blockchain startup SingularityNET has even created an open marketplace for developers and organizations to trade AI algorithms with each other. Now, as the two technologies evolve together, some of the more impressive benefits of using AI for security in the cryptocurrency sector are beginning to reveal themselves. 


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Push Takes a Big Hit as Paypal Cuts Ties with Libra Fb Pypl

PayPal recently announced its withdrawal from Facebook cryptocurrency. Where is this heading for Libra amidst recent scrutiny and criticisms from lawmakers?

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, PayPal has announced its withdrawal from the Facebook cryptocurrency project. The announcement which came out officially on Oct. 4th is without a doubt a big blow to Facebook’s efforts to build their own digital cryptocurrency payment network.

Although it isn’t e......

How 5G WiFi 6 will transform multi access networks in industrial IoT

The excitement around 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is dominating the news, with  5G networks estimated to be 10 times faster than 4G. While national rollouts are still in infancy, leading service providers say they expect to see more national rollouts in 2020 and shortly thereafter. U.S. service providers are currently in various stages of the 5G rollout, however, 5G services are still limited to selected pilot areas.

Wi-Fi 6 solutions – the next generation of Wi-Fi – started to ......

Explainable Artificial Intelligence An inflection point in AI Journey

God created humans and they, in turn, created AI algorithms. Neither human decisions nor AI decisions are fully interpretable or explainable. What then, is interpretable and explainable? Per the English dictionary, ‘interpret’ means understand, construe, infer, deduce, decipher, unravel, and so on. ‘Explain’ means to elucidate, describe, enlighten, make it clear, and so on. Both in combination are required to make a meaningful decision.

These two words have b......

AI in 2019 What Tech Companies are Believing On

The future is here!!
From fighting terminal illnesses to developing a companion for the elderly, technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba share their expectations for the coming year.

One can expect to see more, not less of AI in the coming year. More jobs would be created rather than snatched away by AI; at least this is what tech giants are believing.
Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos in a statement on the future of AI said, &ldqu......

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