What is Google Data Studio Best Digital Marketing Tool

Google Data Studio is a perception and describing platform helping digital marketers to convert data into presentable reports for easy analysis, cooperation and reporting. The biggest merit of Google Data Studio is the ability to connect several data sources like AdWords, Search Console and Analytics making them meaningful and easy to comprehend for your own use or for clients.
The greatest challenge for any digital marketing platform is to prepare reports for clients in a concise and relevant way that can be easily understood. This is where Google Data Studio comes into the picture helping you improve your analytics workflow. A report can be prepared in no time giving you the basics of your key metrics across data sources without worrying about API integration. Although SpiderWorks or Geckoboard do the same job Data Studio combines with your already existent Google products by just using your email address integrating all the data into one single report.

The usefulness of Google Data Studio for Digital Marketers

Google Data Studio in beta is a great solution for reporting by consolidating large data sources to create detailed reports that can be easily understood by digital marketing clients. Data Studio works in the following way

Put all your data together from various sources to build information reports
The raw data is easily transformed into easy to follow reports through metrics and dimensions.
Google Data Studio is used to make engaging and lively reports and dashboards using charts and graphs. Data will be constantly refreshed in real-time so you will be able to access updated data at any point in time.
Improves productivity by leveraging teamwork as a team can collectively build reports by collecting several segments of data.
Just like in the case of Google Sheets, Docs and Forms it is possible to share the data studio reports and also control their access based on Google Account or email id.
Reports with Data Studio are customizable. Every digital marketing client has specific requirements, so with Google Data Studio you have the flexibility of customizing reports accordingly.
The best feature of Data Studio is that it is free of charge for all to use. Digital marketing agencies can use this free tool to create reports. But there are rumors of Google introducing a paid version as a part of its GSuite, but at the moment it is a free tool.

Effective data collection with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio’s working is quite simple with the drag and drop method of layering up tables, maps, charts, and other data in minutes after creating your account. You are not required to compile an SEO report in excel as Data Studio will do it for you if you give the required metrics and dimensions. The reports are not only segregated, filtered and styled but the quality of visualization is also great. The reports get an amazing look as they are customized and formatted while adding imagery besides graphs, metric scores, and pie charts. With this automation, Google Data Studio will take the customization feature further and let you work with complex dataset easily. Once all this is done you can compare and contrast the key metric trends analyzing more intuitively without having to set up reports time and again.
Google Data Studio thus allows new insights to come to the foreground when it comes to viewing and interpreting data.

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